Books: Photographing Rocky Mountain National Park

Cover Photographer's Guide to RMNP

Are you planning a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park? Do you want to take stunning photos of this incredible landscape? Then you will want to get a copy of this book. The Landscape Photographer's Guide to Photographing Rocky Mountain National Park is the only book of its kind telling you where to go and when to be there. Most travel books are written by people who've made a quick visit to a national park and then write about it. This book however is based on over a decade of professionally photographing this park. In it you'll learn lots of helpful insights that you would only gain by having lived here yourself. 

Inside image 1 Photographer's Guide to RMNP

The book is 5"x7" with 168 pages.  In it you'll find nearly 100 gorgeous color images illustrating the areas discussed. This book is so beautiful, you may just want to buy it to enjoy the photos. 

Inside image 2 Photographer's Guide to RMNP