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The information is out of date and until I get it updated we are no longer offering it. In the meantime, you can purchase our new paperback guide or download theSNAPPGuides app and purchase the RMNP photography guide I recently created for them. 


If you are looking for a guide to help you make the most of a photography trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, then look no further. This e-book is based on the paperback, "The Pocket Guide to Photographing Rocky Mountain National Park", but being an e-book it is able to include much more both in terms of information and imagery.


Cover image for The Pocket Guide to Photographing Rocky Mountain National Park

With its stunning scenery, iconic views and its expansive variety of natural features, RMNP is a photographer’s paradise. This guide has been written to help you create the best photos possible while visiting this unforgettable national park. It is filled with helpful advice on where to go and when to be there. It covers many different locations, offering ideas for how to best capture each scene and includes large high resolution color images to help you further visualize the possibilities. If you are visiting Rocky Mountain National Park and want to come away with memorable and beautiful images, this guide is for you. This is the perfect guide to help you photograph Rocky Mountain National Park. 

This e-book is in a pdf file format that can be read on tablets or personal computers. When you purchase it, you will receive links for both a high resolution version and a low resolution version. It contains hundreds of hyperlinks and additional information which you won't find in the printed version. Throughout the book you will find many locations which are underlined, simply click on the underlined words or on the associated icon and the location will open up on Google Maps so you can see exactly where I am talking about. Alternatively, click on the camera icon to see additional photos from the area which can help you with your planning. Every once in a while, I'll e-mail you a link to an updated version of the book with corrections, new information and possibly new locations too.

Sample Page from The Pocket Guide to Photographing Rocky Mountain National Park

Customer comments from both the paperback and the e-book:

     - "This looks fantastic! I downloaded the high-res version on my Ipad retina screen and it is just beautiful! Very thorough and clear direction and very generous. Some of these guides I've read tell you just enough to get you in the vicinity and then leave you wondering - you talk the reader right into the best spots." - Nic

     - "Love your book! Got it yesterday and my mercy it is so beautiful!!!" - Linda

    - "Yesterday, I spent the day in the Adams Falls area (a place completely off my radar), the pre-sunset hours at Rock Cut with the marmots and then sunset looking through the "thumb" towards Long's Peak all thanks to your new ebook. You planned my whole day yesterday and it was a great one. Thank you for your book and all of the great suggestions in it. I can't wait to get home and look through my photos." - Brenda

- Stunning, informative upgrade - Mark

- It's the nicest-looking e-book I've ever seen. - Renee

- Just wanted to say I am impressed by the high production value of your book and I appreciate the effort you must have put into its creation. - John

- I downloaded my update a couple of days ago and have read and re-read it several times now. Great information presented in a logical and helpful fashion along with your outstanding images. - Doug

I planned my 4 day visit to RMNP this fall using your book as a guide and was very happy with the photos I got. Such a beautiful place! - Charlie



Special Note for iPad Users: 
Since the electronic download portion of my website forces me to use a zip file, you will need to download the file to a computer first, unzip it and then upload it through iTunes. I apologize for the inconvenience.  The best apps for viewing the book are either iBooks or Adobe Acrobat. Unfortunately, the Kindle app doesn't seem to work well with external hyperlinks.

A number of people have written and said that they didn't receive the automatic e-mail with the download link. The most common reason for this is because it went into your spam folder. Check there first if you don't receive the e-mail in an hour. If you can't find it there, let us know and we'll send you the links.