The Journey Beyond (Coming May 1st 2021)

Living Beautifully in a Troubled World

Each morning we awaken to a new day, only to be assailed by news of a world gone wrong. The divisions, the greed, the anger, and the despair leave us worn out before the day even begins. We long to live a life of meaning, a life that makes our world a better place, yet our attempts to do so often seem to have the opposite effect.

The Journey Beyond invites us to take a fresh look at ourselves and our society, to move beyond the aggressive and polarized culture that keeps us trapped in a stalemate of hate and division. The deep-rooted challenges that we collectively face cannot be solved through partisan politics. To move forward, we must engage with each other outside the blinding and confining boundaries of party, recognizing the humanity of one another and identifying together the direction of our common health. This is not a simple self-contained action that we do; rather, it is part of our lifelong journey of becoming whole. This book is an invitation to journey beyond the propaganda, beyond the easy solutions, and beyond our own self-interest, where there is another way of being that we and our society desperately need.


This book will be released on May 1st, 2021. In early April, I'll post much more information about the book and will also offer the book for pre-sale. Sign up for my newsletter to be sure you don't miss out.