2021 Calendar

We're very excited to share with you our newest calendar. The 2021 calendar is filled with gorgeous photos from across Rocky Mountain National Park. It's a great way to enjoy the Park all year long and to get an idea of what it looks like during each month of the year.

The size of the calendar is 12” x 9” when closed or 12” wide by 18” tall when open. This format allows me to show the images as they were meant to be seen. I’ve chosen a staple binding rather than a spiral binding and we include a stiff insert to help ensure that the calendar won’t be bent during shipping.

As with everything else, quality is of utmost priority. As always, I offer 100% satisfaction on every order. We know that last year that some people found the dates a bit difficult to read, so this year we made the dates much darker so that they could be easily read by everyone. If you had a problem reading the numbers last year we can guarantee that you will not have that problem this year.

We are charging $5 for shipping which just covers the packing and the actual first class mailing cost. If you live in the area and prefer to save on shipping you can stop into the Images of RMNP gallery or buy one from one of the national park book stores or from Macdonald Bookshop in Estes Park.

Let us know what you think of the calendar. We'd love to post your comments here. :)