My Life Is Found In Solitude - March 26, 2018

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My life is found in solitude. By this I mean that it is only in solitude, stillness and silence that I have the opportunity to reflect, to take stock of my life and examine its direction, to consider my motivations and the deep longings hidden from view. Without this time of reflection my life becomes reactionary and shallow. I bounce from activity to activity following the never ending cry of demands. I act without ever examining whether or not I should. This is the way most of our culture lives, on a fast moving freeway of activity. Yet it is clear, proven by each of us time and time again, this path no matter how good the activities always leads to emptiness. So let us follow the little used path which leads us away from the crowd up to that quiet place high on the hill where we can finally see what is truly important and how we should therefore live.

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