Blog: Buildings And Souls - March 28, 2018

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To create a house, aroad or a barn requires a very pragmatic, studied and linear approach. Itrequires research, mathematics and detailed drawings that are preciselyfollowed. To do otherwise would be foolish because our physical world must beapproached from a physical perspective using its laws and tools. There is greatclarity and reliability in the physics that underly our daily interactions withthe physical world. We ignore them at our own peril.

Yet the internallife seems to operate on a completely different set of underlying principles.They are as different as classic mechanics is from quantum mechanics, appearingstrange and inexplicable. We find that our rational scientific principles simplydo not work in this sphere of life. The development of the human soul occursalong a winding and foggy path through the hardships and joys of life. No onetakes the same path, but all of us encounter crossroads where we are given theopportunity to head towards real meaning, wholeness and belonging. It's atthese crucial points that we must agree to let go of our accumulated baggageand head in the direction of Love, which seems to reside at the heart of allthings.

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