moonlight, longs peak, snow, stars, winter, photo

"Longs By Moonlight"

Dream Lake Area, Rocky Montain National Park

I was on my way up to Lake Haiyaha for sunrise. It was snowing hard but there was also a nearly full moon glowing brightly. I stopped and looked back at Longs Peak. It was lit by the gentle light of the moon though I could hardly see it through the falling snow. Fortunately the snow and clouds were all coming from the west. Above Longs Peak it was clear and the stars shown brightly. I made a long exposure (30" at ISO 800, F4) to see if the camera would be able to see more of it through the snow than I could. It came out beautifully but you can still tell that there was a lot of interference from the snow creating an almost impressionistic feel of Longs Peak.

Photo © copyright by Erik Stensland.

Image #: 18739 Date: January 4, 2010
Camera: Canon 5D Mark ii Camera Settings: Tripod
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