I am no longer producing the screensavers for PC and the ones listed below are now out of stock; however, you can still download them at the bottom of this page. These days I'm putting my focus on producing new Blu-ray Disks which display the images in much higher quality than the screensavers. You can find the disks at "this link".

Volume III - (Out of Stock)

The newest release from Morning Light Photography is the Images of Rocky Mountain National Park Screensaver Volume III. This is the best screensaver yet and contains over 130 of my most recent images of this spectacular national park. All of these photos are new and are not found on volumes 1 and 2. Each photo contains even greater detail than before and brings your monitor to life. My hope is that these photos awaken you afresh to the beauty of the world and create a longing for the world we were created for.

Rocky Mountain National Park Screensaver - Volume III

Volume II - (Out of Stock)

Images of Rocky Mountain National Park Volume 2 contains over 140 amazing images of Rocky Mountain National Park. Each image is presented in the highest quality and is accompanied by the music of Jeff Kurtenaker which draws you into the wonder and majesty of this amazing place. Rocky Mountain National Park is perhaps one of the most beautiful locations in the United States with its rugged peaks, tranquil lakes, open meadows and rushing streams. The images contained within portray the Park as it transitions through the different phases of the year, from the flowers of spring to the magical winter snows.

Rocky Mountain National Park Screensaver

Volume I - (Out of Stock)

Volume 1 contains over 130 different images of RMNP. This screensaver covers many of the often visited areas of the park while the other screensavers focus more on less visited areas of Rocky Mountain National Park. This screensaver is no longer in stock but a trial version can be downloaded below. If you would like to purchase a "key" to continue using it contact us via the "Contact Page". The cost is $10.

Rocky Mountain National Park Screensaver

Download Trial Version

You can download a 24 hour trial of the screensavers here.

Volume III (56.4mb)
Volume II (36mb)
Volume I (40.5mb)


Item Price Quantity Order
RMNP Screensaver - Vol 2 $15 plus $5 shipping
(within the US)


This screensaver program requires Microsoft Windows. To install, simply insert the disk into your computer and wait until the introductory screen appears. This will guide you through the installation process. If the introductory program does not appear, then you can access it directly from the CD. Simply double click the file called ¨žinstall¨Ó. The code you will need during installation is printed on the inside of the CD insert or if you downloaded the file it will be on an e-mail we sent to you. If you have lost either of these, write to the address below and after confirming that you have purchased a copy, we will resend the code to you.


To uninstall, first change to another screensaver on your computer, such as "blank" or "none". You can then begin the uninstall process. This can be done by rerunning the installation program on the CD or downloaded file. It will give you the option to uninstall. You can also uninstall by going to the start menu and choosing the uninstall screensaver from the Morning Light Photography folder.


If you would like to turn the music off, this can be done in the screensaver settings box. This can be found in the same area where you choose which screensaver to run. Go to the Control Panel which can be found under the Start Menu. Select "Appearance and Themes". Then select "Choose Screensaver". If the RMNP screensaver is the current screensaver, then simply select the button called "Settings" This will open up a dialogue box which will enable you to mute the screensaver or make other changes.

If you prefer to listen to your own music while watching the screensaver then the above option will mute your music. There is an easy workaround for this. On most CDs you will find a second file called "install nm" this is the same screensaver, but with no music. Simply install this screensaver and use it instead to avoid that problem. You can also download the no music version of Volume II here.

Other Issues

If you have any other problems with the screensaver, please contact us at: You can also check the website for more technical information about the screensaver program.