RMNP Locations: Mummy Range

The Mummy Range and the surrounding areas hold rich rewards for those willing to put in the effort.  Since most of the destinations here are either very steep, very long, or both, you'll want to be sure you've adequately prepared yourself before tackling one of these hikes.  Lumpy Ridge offers a few great warm-ups, the most popular of which is Gem Lake.  For lovers of waterfalls, Bridal Veil Falls is a comparably easy jaunt and is worth your while.  Once you're feeling acclimated, it might be time to head for the Lawn Lake trailhead.  From here hikers can access Lawn Lake, Ypsilon Lake, Crystal Lake, and for those seeking to add suffering to their vacation, the Lawn Lake trail provides the most direct access to Mummy Mountain and Hagues Peak, which is the highest point in Larimer County and the fourth highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park at 13,573 ft.  Finally, if your beauty quota hasn't been reached and 20-25 mile hikes sound pleasant, make your way to the Dunraven trailhead and journey from here to Lost Lake, Lake Husted, and Lake Louise.